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Month: juli 2017

So fast

One of the great things about mobile journalism is that everything is evolving so freakin’ fast.

  • A year ago you could choose between a couple of professional iPhone grips. Today there are so many I can’t count.
  • A year ago, there was no professional multitrack iPhone video editor available. Today there are two: LumaFusion and Kinemaster (also for Android) and they are great.
  • A year ago it was a hassle to distribute 360º video via your phone. Today you can do livestreaming in 360º in seconds.
  • A year ago it was very difficult to get wireless audio in combination with a gimbal. Today that’s a piece of cake, with new gimbals that don’t block the Lightning/USB port and a dedicated wireless microphone system for smartphones*.
  • A year ago zooming with your smartphone camera was a no go. Today Apple, Huwawei, LG and many other brands sell phones with two camera’s to create (some) optical zoom.
  • A year ago you needed a DSLR to make images like this. Today you get the bookeh effect with many new dual lens smartphones, like the iPhone 7 Plus.

Some reporters, broadcasters and publishers still doubt the possibilities of smartphone usage for news reports, Those discussions are interesting. Of course, in many situations using a broadcast camera still has advantages. Better image quality, better zooming, I totally get it. But I always try to ask the question: If this is what happened in the last year, what will mobile journalism look like in another twelve months?

*The Samon Go Mic Mobile wireless microphone system for smartphones will be available in a couple of weeks. So that’s not literally today. But you get the point…

“The best camera in the whole world, is the one you have with you.” 

It’s a cliché, but it’s true.

Something new

Hi there! On this blog, I’ll try to keep you updates on developments in the mojo world. Think of new apps, new gear, new workflows, new phones, new ideas. There is more than enough to talk about. But basically this is just some placeholder text, because this blog is still work in progress. In the meantime, follow @MobileJourna on Twitter.

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